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“I’ll meet up with you later, okay?” I asked Shawn. Shawn and I were about to meet after the event and hang out. “Sure Y/N, I’ll be looking forward to it.” He smiled and pecked my lips and walked away. I brought my hand up to my lips and smiled. I know I love him, I just wasn’t ready to say it yet.

I walked to the bathroom to freshen up after the event. I watched the event from the corner of the room and enjoyed every single bit.

I washed my face, and walked out of the door, grabbing the water bottle on the way. “Hey Y/N! How are you?” Matthew asked. Matthew and I instantly clicked since we met by Shawn. He was a sweetheart, I guess he’s my best friend. “Hey Matt. Fine. What up?” I asked grinning while trying to drink my water. “Well, I’m tired and I need my best friend. Come to my room and hang out in my room with me?” I smiled and nodded.

Once we reached Matts room, we laid on the bed, put on the T.V and unexpectedly, Matt laid his head on my lap. “Matt!” I whined. He giggled and snuggled in. “Shush. And thread your fingers through my hair, it feels nice.” I huffed and started doing what he wanted. His hair were really soft and just nice.

Just as Matt was about to fall asleep, the door opened and in came Shawn. I jumped in the air and Matt bounced off my lap, and landed on the floor. He groaned and I mumbled a sorry. “Y/N what happened after we agreed to meet after the event?” He fumed and sat on the bed, not meeting my eyes. “I’m sorry Shawn. I completely forgot we were supposed to meet. I came out of the bathroom and met Matt, and we came to hang out in his room, and he ended up on my lap, and I playing with his hair.” I sighed and sat in front of Shawn, holding his hands. “Please forgive me Shawn.” He pushed my hands away and stood up. “Why don’t you go back to Matt and have fun with him. I am pretty sure you don’t need your boyfriend.” He walked back to the door and stormed out. I sniffled and sat on the bed. “Matt….he went.” Matt sighed and got up from the floor. “He’s just confused Y/N, I’m pretty sure he’s jealous. You know how Shawn is, he likes to keep the people he loves to himself.” I chuckled and wiped my tears away. “Thank you Matt.” He smiled and ushered me to the door, telling me silently to go after Shawn.

“Shawn?” I asked as I entered our hotel room. The lights were off and Shawn was lying on the bed, playing with the lamp switch, turning the light off and on. “Shawn, please answer me.” I asked pleadingly. “Why don’t you go back to Matt? Uh? I’m pretty sure you love him.” He sneered. I sighed and sat by the bed. “Shawn I love you, not Matt. You’re the one that can make me laugh, cry, make me jealous, make me mad, make me feel loved. I only love you. Matts only my best friend.” He got up and crawled behind me, he wrapped his arms around me and I leaned into his touch, and he kissed my neck. “I’m sorry Y/N. I really love you. I was just jealous.” He shrugged and I laughed. “It’s okay Shawn.” I turned my head around and met his lips in a sweet kiss.

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